WP Gears

Base Tools

Compressed format (.zip or .tar.gz)
Revision control (stable) – These builds roll the latest commits.
  • SVN: svn checkout https://core.svn.wordpress.org/trunk/
  • Git: git clone git://core.git.wordpress.org/
  • GitHub: git clone https://github.com/WordPress/WordPress.git
Revision control (develop) – These repositories contain source code, tools, and tests.
  • SVN: svn checkout https://develop.svn.wordpress.org/trunk/
  • Git: git clone git://develop.git.wordpress.org/
  • GitHub: git clone https://github.com/aaronjorbin/develop.wordpress.git
단위 테스트와 프로파일링

터미널에서 동작하는 툴

  • WP-CLI – The command-line tool for managing WordPress.
  • WP-CLI GUI – A GUI for the command line interface for WordPress.
  • AnsiPress – The command-line tool for managing WordPress websites on NGINX/PHP7/MariaDB/Google-PageSpeed stack.
  • EasyEngine – Python tool to easily manage your WordPress websites with NGINX webserver – supported on Ubuntu and Debian Linux.
  • WP-PowerShell – Windows powershell for the WP-CLI
  • VimPress – Post to WordPress from Vim
  • SublPress – Post to WordPress in Sublime
  • wp-composer – Adds Composer dependency management to plugins/themes via WP-CLI.
Build scripts
  • WP Stack – Capistrano deploy
  • Capistrano-WP – Alternative Capistrano deploy
  • Wordmove – Rails gem
  • Wp Project Tools – Fabric/Python CLI and automation
  • WordPhing – Phing/Php build script
  • Yeoman-WordPress – Node, NPM and Ruby
  • YeoPress – Yeoman
  • Grunt-WP-Plugin – Grunt (node)
  • WordPress-Heroku – Installing/running WordPress on Heroku
  • Varying Vagrant – Varying Vagrant Vagrants for WP
  • VCCW – Vagrant designed for development of WordPress plugins, themes, or websites
  • Puppet WordPress – Puppet
  • Composerpress – Retroactively creates a composer.json for WP
  • Grunt-WP-Deploy – Grunt to deploy a build directory to WordPress SVN
  • Bedrock – Gets you started with the best development tools,practices, and project structure
  • WPacked – A development starter kit with portability and immediate deployment in mind
  • wp-scratch-box – A Vagrant config for WP trainings, workshops, staging environments, …
  • Dockerpresso – Docker Compose configuration generator for fast WordPress theme or plugin development.
  • Trellis – Trellis uses Vagrant to automatically create a self-contained virtual machine.
  • Wocker – Wocker is a local WordPress development environment. Since it’s based on Docker, it takes just 3 seconds to create every new installation of WordPress.
  • wp-docker A simple Docker based development environment for WordPress.

통합개발환경 번들

워드프레스 코드 조각 및 자동완성

Code sniffers & fixing


  • Nginx – Configuration for running WordPress

  • WordPress-Skeleton – Basic layout of a WordPress Git repository

  • WordPress Java – Java xmlrpc interface of WordPress

  • WP.NET – WordPress compiled to .NET, yes this exists.

  • WordPress Packagist – Mirror of the wp.org theme and plugin repositories for use with Composer.

  • Database Search & Replace script – Easily search & replace data in a WP database. Fully supports handling of serialized strings. Especially useful when migrating a site to another domain/from test to production. Full docs.

  • WP Migrate DB – Migrates your database by running find & replace on URLs and file paths, handling serialized data, and saving an SQL file.

디버그 툴

Plugins that help with debugging

Debug Bar
  • Debug Bar – Maintained by core devs.
  • Debug Bar Toggle – Ctrl-d 키를 눌러 Debug bar 사용을 토글 가능하게 함.
Debug Bar extensions
Debug Bar plugin specific extensions
Query Monitor and extensions

Query Monitor also transparently supports all Debug Bar add-on plugins.

Debug plugins
Profiling plugins
SQL debug

PHP Boilerplate

PHP bits

Most of these are PHP classes
Framework stuff
  • Github Updater – WordPress plugin / theme updates via GitHub (and GitHub Enterprise), GitLab
  • GitHub Plugin Update – WordPress plugin updates via GitHub
  • Update Class – Private and commercial plugin update class
  • WP-Plugin-In-Github – Sync WordPress Plugins between Github and WordPress Plugin repository.
  • External Update API – Add support for updating themes and plugins via external sources instead of the WordPress.org repos
  • Plugin Update Checker – Add support for updating externally hosted plugins via the normal WP update flow. Easiest to be used in combination with WP Update Server which will provide API responses for those plugins similar to the WP.org API expected responses.
  • GenerateWP – Generate the code for adding taxonomies, post types, sidebars, menus, shortcodes, queries, cron jobs and much more.

  • Media Manager Class – Integrating the new media manager work-flow into your plugins/themes

  • WordPress Transients Interface – A WordPress transients interface

  • Logging Class – A general logging system

  • Simple History – A logging tool with a pretty GUI. Logs user actions.

  • WP Session Manager – Session manager for WordPress

  • WP CoffeeScript – Use CoffeeScript in WordPress

  • Dynamic Image Resize – Resize images on the fly (like WPThumb/TimThumb but using PHP only)

  • CleverRules – New way to handle rewrite rules

  • TGM Plugin Activation – Drop-in class to require and/or recommend plugins for Themes and Plugins (dependency management). You can reference bundled plugins, plugin from the WP repo and externally hosted plugins. See their website for more information.

  • WP Requirements – A little utility class template to adapt in your plugin project to help you check for WP version, PHP version and PHP extensions before letting users activate a plugin that has minimum requirements.

  • Auto login – An MU plugin to log in without username and password. A username should be define()-d in wp-config.

  • SMTP URI Quickly set up SMTP. "smtp://localhost:2525"

Meta Fields

Meta data stuff (custom fields, meta fields, meta boxes, etc)

Theme Stuff

Theme tools and boilerplate
  • Theme Customizer Controls – Custom controls for your theme customizer page
  • Kirki Toolkit – Custom controls & API for the Customizer
  • Wordless – Haml, Compass and Coffeescript (Ruby)
  • Forge – Sass, LESS, and CoffeeScript (Ruby)
  • Compass WordPress – Sass
  • Grunt-WP-Theme – Grunt Scaffold (node)
  • Prometheus Front-end foundation (LESS, wpthumb)
  • WordPress Template Base File structure based on several themes and template hierarchy
  • Theme-Check – Test your theme and make sure it’s up to spec
  • Monster Widget – Provides a quick and easy method of adding all core widgets to a sidebar for testing purposes.
  • Timber – Write your theme using Twig templates (similar to Mustache, Handlebars, etc.)
  • Cutlass – Develop your theme using Laravel’s Blade Templating Engine
  • Sprig – Develop your theme using the Twig Templating Engine (similar to Timber)

If you are looking for theme option frameworks, look above under "Framework stuff".

Internationalization & Localization Stuff

Helper plugins
  • Pig Latin – Changes all text strings into Pig Latin to easily spot which strings don’t use localization functions.
  • RTL Tester – Test your themes and plugins in Right-to-Left mode.