Install Android Oreo (v8.1) on VMware Fusion

Quick Installation Guide for later. 

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1 Download Andoird Oreo ISO image2 ISO/x64 was my choice.


2 Create New Virtual Machine from VMWare Fusion

      Create Custom Virtual Machine

            Linux / Other Linux 4.x Later kernel 64-bit

                 select Legacy BIOS

                      Create a new virtual disk, resize to 128G

                            Customize Setttings 


3 Customize Settings

       2 CPU, 2G RAM

       Attach CD/DVD with downloaded image

       Change Startup Disk with CDROM

       Enable Accelerate 3D Graphics with Shared graphics memory 256M

       Set Troubleshootings to None


4 First Boot

      Select Advanced Options…

             Select Auto Installatoin – Auto install to specified harddisk 



5 Second Boot

       Type ‘e’ to edit grup option on the line ‘Android x86 8.1’

       Replace ‘quiet‘ with ‘nomodeset xforcevesa‘  (everytime to boot, you have to change like this)

       Enter and Press ‘b’ to boot


6 Third Boot

       Because screensaver will make system hang, you have to keep interaction with Android until you change the setting by pressing keyboard or moving mouse.

       Set screensave to None, as soon as possible after finishing initialization of account.



Recommend to use Snapshot Manager.


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