Alacritty, GPU powered fast Terminal Emualtor (for user who using tmux + vim / emacs)




I needed yet another terminal emulator besides iTerm21,, Hyper.app2. Since I’m a heavy user of tmux/vim/emacs. But the speed of combinating of those utils turned out to be slow than expected. Because I thought they are all for command line applications for helping quick actions for software programmer like me. Sometimes I could not enable vertical bar feature when using vim for the lack of processing. Mainly I could using the feature with only VimR, a GUI application. Emacs has own implementation for that, I can not compare with vim’s. 


So I’ve found Alacritty by chance. I gave a shot.  And I can say a word ‘damn…’  after just installation of it. It requires too much for the first step. A YML file for configuration? seriously??  ㅆㅂ ok, anyway;; Chainging several properties and run it. You can refer my configuration from my github repo3. Put the configuration file on to ~/.config/alacritty/alacritty.yml.   


Well, honestly I don’t know how much it is faster than others. But I can use the vertical bar feature of vim. Hmm.. not bad.  It reflexes instantly if the configuration is changed. But still I’m don’t like the way of configuration. It’s too old style for me.  Also it seems difficult to apply themes. It seems that font adjusting does not working precisly.  I would note down in some days later.



PS1. Reinstall with master branch gives better options 

PS2. Cursor flickering goes away on HEAD version of tmux (brew install tmux --HEAD)