Poraemong – fully featured Pomodoro utility for Pebble Time




Poraemong is sound like /po •ra • eh • moŋ/ as spanish word.It is a compounded word mixed with Pebble/Pomodoro/Doraemon.


All Pomodoro features is fully implemented and runs on Pebble Time series (PT, PTS, PTR).


Demo version  only runs 24 minutes without saving settings, then will quit automatically.


Latest version is v2.0  will be available soon. (written at May 20, 2018)













Keymap overview





 Normal Mode“.

❑ 12H or 24H display follows your watch configuration: Settings -> Date/Time -> Time Format


The screen right-downmost is called “Diverface Mode“.

❑ You can easily set an alarm by clicking “select-click” to adjust alarm length (only in this mode)

❑ “winding” can be continued by settings “auto winding” in MENU.

❑ “single-down-click” to switch vibe-type among tick / short / long / double / triple

❑ “double-down-click” to toggle vibration on/off.


Pomodoro Mode

❑ Start Pomodoro: single-select-click

❑ Cancel Pomodoro: long-select-click

❑ Back to Normal Mode: single-back-click


In Pomodoro

❑ If you have Internal Interrupt, press single-down-click

❑ If you have External Interrupt, press single-up-click

 press single-back-click to get back to Pomodoro

 if timeout, the current pomodoro will be canceled.


 If you leave Poraemong, any alarm/pomodoro will be canceled. This is intended not a bug.

 Showing pomodoro-statistic feature will be available in next release soon.



Activate full features


Copy your activation key which is received from email, Click the name Poraemong in the application list on your Pebble application. It will launch Settings Window.


Paste your activation key and press OK button. You will receive two strong vibration if key is valid.